Organic Small Pyramid Box 250g


Natural Bali Kulkul Sea Salt adalah garam murni yang di proses secara tradisional di Glass Green House sehingga terhindar dari jangkauan debu, dan binatang. Garam Natural Bali Kulkul memiliki cita rasa yang unik dan renyah dan juga mengandung kalsium, magnesium, dan potasium yang diperlukan oleh tubuh. Garam Hollow Pyramid ini berbentuk segitiga sedang



This Sea Salt has a unique shape and is a salt for seasoning. This salt is limited salt because it is only available when it is hot and sunny. Soluble, smooth is our latest invention, brought from the other side of the world straight to your table. Our salt is slowly dried in a greenhouse to be fully processed into natural and amazing Balinese sea salt and our salt is unrefined because this unrefined and high calcium sea salt is good for purifying your body and healthy for your bones too.

This salt is light and shaped like a small pyramid and produces a smooth crunch in the mouth. Not too salty but great taste, hand harvested and made in Bali.

Pure salt without refining and contains calcium, magnesium and potassium that the body needs.

Recommended for those who are on certain eating rules (on a diet)


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Natural Bali Kulkul is a Local Company domiciled in Klungkung, Bali, Indonesia. We work with hundreds of small farmers to empower local products. Natural Bali Kulkul Sea Salt contains a variety of good minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium which are needed by the body. And in our salt there is no harmful heavy metal and it is proven by scientific tests..
Natural Bali KulKul is not just about Sea salt. Our idea and business framework is to create jobs and improve the quality of life hood for Indonesian families by introducing Bali Local Sea Salt to all Indonesian market and wish to introduce to some country in the world.
The Crystal Salt that we form does not use an oven, but through a natural process and it is slowly dried for 5 - 7 days in a greenhouse to keep mineral content inside and it will be away from any dust and animals.. Yes we know that for do natural and traditional way processing it will be take time but for getting mineral sea salt and high quality sea salt it payable
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