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CV Natural Bali KulKul is a local company where 80% of the employees are mostly housewives who are unemployed and struggling for a better family economy. Indonesian women, especially Balinese women, are women who are used to doing the same hard work as men to help the family economy. The love for family sometimes makes them think of themselves and sometimes puts their lives at a risk.

We Create A New Opportunity

We strive to create good and decent job opportunities and working conditions for our workers, the majority of whom are women. We have embraced a clear division of labor, appropriate working time and their right to rest into a single unit so as to create a healthy and productive work environment.

We Share To The Needy

We try to regularly and continuously support several non-profit foundations for those with special needs, orphans and our other brothers and sisters.
We are also regular donors to several Non-Profit Foundations close to our hearts. Some of these foundations are:
• Yayasan Mutiara Kasih Ubud 
• Tatwam Asi Orphanage Foundation Denpasar
We also donate some donations directly to underprivileged communities and deserve to be helped.
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Eco-Friendly Energy

We also involve and try to teach children from an early age the importance of taking care of the earth as a planet where they can grow, play and spread happiness.
The active participation of employees is an important part in the sustainability of the company, for us, they are family. We try to share the company's vision and mission with concrete actions including inviting them to be active in social activities and other activities.
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Cv. Natural Bali Kulkul, Jl.Raya, Jumpai, Dusun kangin, Kabupaten Klungkung, Bali 80716
Natural Bali Kulkul is a Local Company domiciled in Klungkung, Bali, Indonesia. We work with hundreds of small farmers to empower local products. Natural Bali Kulkul Sea Salt contains a variety of good minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium which are needed by the body. And in our salt there is no harmful heavy metal and it is proven by scientific tests..
Natural Bali KulKul is not just about Sea salt. Our idea and business framework is to create jobs and improve the quality of life hood for Indonesian families by introducing Bali Local Sea Salt to all Indonesian market and wish to introduce to some country in the world.
The Crystal Salt that we form does not use an oven, but through a natural process and it is slowly dried for 5 - 7 days in a greenhouse to keep mineral content inside and it will be away from any dust and animals.. Yes we know that for do natural and traditional way processing it will be take time but for getting mineral sea salt and high quality sea salt it payable
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