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Organic Sea Salt From Bali

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Best Traditional Sea Salt

Natural Process of Balinese Sea Salt

Natural Bali KulKul Salt is pure sea salt that comes from evaporation of seawater, naturally processed by wind and heat off the coast of Bali, especially from the waters of the Indian Ocean where two ocean currents meet with different temperatures.

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Social Impact of Balikulkul

Our Social Impact

CV Natural Bali KulKul is a local company where 80% of the employees are mostly housewives who are unemployed and struggling for a better family economy. Indonesian women, especially Balinese women, are women who are used to doing the same hard work as men to help the family economy. The love for family sometimes makes them think of themselves and sometimes puts their lives at risk.

We strive to create good and decent job opportunities and working conditions for our workers, the majority of whom are women. We have embraced a clear division of labor, appropriate working time and their right to rest into a single unit so as to create a healthy and productive work environment.

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Sea Salt

Our main line of product . USA  FDA approved

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The finest of Balinese cacao based delicacies from instant drink to cacao nibs

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Bath Salt

The finest bali artisan bath salt

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We Change Our table salt in our college cafetaria with a product from Natural Bali Kulkul and positive review keep coming in from our students

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