Natural Process of Balinese Sea Salt


Natural Process of Balinese Sea salt

Natural Bali KulKul Salt is pure sea salt that comes from evaporation of seawater, naturally processed by wind and heat off the coast of Bali, especially from the waters of the Indian Ocean where two ocean currents meet with different temperatures.
It all starts in the morning, where farmers collect seawater to start the real salt production. They then sprinkle seawater on to black sand as a natural filter that holds all the amazing nutrients and minerals.
Black sand takes about 7 to 8 hours to filter seawater that rises to the very top of the sand. Next we mix our sea brine and black sand into a container which then proceeds to another filtration process which takes about 3 days to complete.
The next step is to transfer our extraordinary sea salt to the more modern but still sun-drenched drying that we call Green Glass House. We need 5-7 days for drying slowly so that the minerals are preserved.
Natural Bali Kulkul Salt is produced naturally by solar evaporation on a scale of only a few kilos per day per producer (person). The processing of seawater into salt is all done manually, by the hands of Balinese women and with the help of the bless of nature. Crystals Salt can form a hollow 'four-sided pyramid' when water evaporates. This truly magical process cannot be manipulated or replicated. It only happens when nature sees fit. Pyramid Sea Salt is our best product because the results depend on natural factors and this salt is also the result of the loving touch of our workers


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