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Name of Company       : Natural Bali Kulkul, CV.

Manufacturer address  : Jl. Raya Jumpai,Banjar Kangin, Desa Pekraman Jumpai, Klungkung

Bali Indonesia Phone   : +62-811-361-363

Email                         : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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We are new sea salt manufacturer was founded by Ni Putu Ayu Wilasmini and her husband Made Adi Surya Antara in end of 2017. In beginning they thought that a lot of people love healthy life style as there are a lot of danger disease come into world. They want to help little bit people in the planet to reduce some illness by consumption pure natural product.

We create our sea salt with no any chemical only with sea water, patient and sun light. Before collected the sea water Balinese trust and believe that we need to say thanks to the GOD for prosperous that given.

We do solar driying into glass house for our sea salt to prevent from any animals attack we need very high temperatures to create hollow pyramid and small pyramid sea salt.
Once raining come not possible for glass house to create natural hollow pyramid and amazingnatural small pyramid sea salt. Only able to create little bit of fine grain. Due to we are using traditional method then all our production depend on weather.

The white color in our sea salt come from natural traditional process with no any bleacher we do soaking into salt goris before we pour the sea water into glass house. Sieving is most important process for our sea salt also.


We check one by one part of our sea salt no sand or other foreign material come to our sea salt. We make sure our customer happy use us and will do repeat order to us. Customer happy and stayhealthy is our goal.



Amazing Hollow Pyramid Sea Salt nothing we can offer but with love and proud that we can share some of Balinese hollow pyramid to the world.

Our vision : food is our heart vital in our body when we create food with love and natural sea salt this will affected amazing food come and make all body in the world happy and make all children growing with healthy. When all people stay healthy that is our vision.

Due to food is heart of vital living food more than any other factor contributing, diet and nutrition then we need to very selected t o use what is ingredient come from , then CV. Natural Bali Kulkul make sure that every bath of our sea salt come from nature and amazing taste and we believe that unrefined sea salt is the best sea salt in the word due to it /still keep full mineral inside.

“Those who follow my teachings on health and nutrition are aware of the importance I place upon the consumption of "superfoods" as part of our daily practices. They not only give us far greater types and amounts of nutrients, they also bring much higher prana (life force energy) into our bodies—the primary (i.e. higher) function of eating in the first place, since it is prana that sustains our life. Food, as I have said before, is merely one of the major vehicles which deliver prana into our bodies. It is for this reason that eating superfoods (as well as raw foods) helps us to reduce our overall food intake. Unrefined sea salt is one such superfood (Celtic, Redmonds, and Himalayan pink salt—all are sea salts, even though two are harvested on land—being three of the best and richest in the world). While salt is often labeled by nutritionists as unhealthy and even dangerous for the body, it is refined (a.k.a. table) salt which has earned this acclaimed title. Refined salt not only does not provide us with the many minerals we need, it actually leaches minerals from the body! In other words, it is more than unhealthy; it is toxic to the body. On the other hand, unrefined sea salt is a necessary food, the balanced consumption of which has many positive effects on the body. The following article by Dr. Brownstein does a very good job of presenting the facts about refined and unrefined salt. Enjoy…

- Louix Dor Demprie’


Our Mission :
Bring high premium Balinese sea salt to the world and help Balinese farmer to get chance to get some job for their family.

4 Types of our sea salt :
1. Natural Balinese Hollow Pyramid
2. Natural Balinese Small Pyramid
3. Natural Balinese Fine Grain
4. Natural Balinese Small Pyramid

Balinese trust sometime they using sea water for purification body and soul and a lot of praying come to our sea water, this mean when you eating Balinese sea salt you will do some purification also.


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